new fiscal year, new project!

well, my intention to write regularly in my blog has not materialised, it is harder to do then I imagined. But a new fiscal year starts soon, vacation time is over. And I will also start on a new project with a new customer, leaving Philips Healthcare and DSM in good hands of colleagues. My new customer will be Achmea, and lots of challenges are ahead. So a good reason to renew my blogging intentions!

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back online thru WP7

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone

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Social media, not a hype but a logical evolution from rapid product development and product lifecycle management :)

Well, today is Saturday, so no work, just fun. Still I was thinking on all the social media stuff, and when we were waiting for the movie to start, the announcement of the Social Media movie was appearing, coincidence or not that is the question. As I have started in September in an enterprise strategy consulting role within Microsoft Netherlands, I’m more than interested in social media and how it will effect also the way people and companies will work together. That topic has been the red thread of my life, from cooperation in engineering, thru product data/document management to product life cycle management, and now new ways of working 🙂 so expect more from me on social media in relation to how companies work internally but also cooperate in innovation and product development!

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Why blog?

Hi, although blogging is old style, I still decided to start a blog, moving from a Western Europe management role to a Netherlands consulting role, which might give interesting and/or funny events and learnings in the coming month. And because some of my colleagues clearly stated that they want to follow me, that pushed me into blogging 🙂
You will hear more from me as of now, be aware 😀

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Old blog’s migrated to WordPress

Today I have migrated my Windows Live Spaces to WordPress, very easy to do.

Now I need to make the time to start blogging again Smile

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City Circle GPS wandeltocht Breda

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Wie komen er nog meer naar de M.I.S./MiQ reünie 2009

Naast degenen die zich via Live hebben aangemeld, heb ik de volgende reacties ontvangen:

Frank van Oirschot, misschien, hangt van zakenreis af
Erik van Wetering, komt
Hans van Veen, komt

Dus het ziet er naar uit dat we vrijwel VOLLEDIG zullen zijn, hardstikke goed!


Wat betreft M.I.S./MiQ reünie 2009

M.I.S./MiQ reünie 2009


Joan, Jos, Arjan en Dick

Datum en tijd:

vrijdag 6 maart 2009 van 18:00 tot 22:30



Dit evenement bekijken op Windows Live
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