ELLEN MacArthur EMAIL 4.2.05 (de solozeilster)

Mijn bewondering voor haar is enorm! Daarom wat kopiewerk van haar web site:


* NORTHERLY GALE ALREADY MAKING ITSELF FELT as B&Q skipper, Ellen MacArthur pushes the 75ft multihull to the north-east, heading for north of Cape Finisterre, 495 miles away to the east – the final Cape marking the entry into the Bay of Biscay. With the strong wind coming from the north, MacArthur is unable to sail a direct course to the finish off Ushant, this will put her on a dangerous point of sail – cold unstable gusty wind on the nose, and a huge sea from the side – in Ellen’s own words this morning, ‘capsize conditions’.

* LESS THAN 700 MILES TO SAIL BUT FINISH SEEMS A LONG WAY AWAY for Ellen as she sails into the storm: "It’s funny yesterday the finish seemed quite close, now it feels a very long way away…" MacArthur willl first have to deal with the storm before looking for a shift in the breeze to the east then south-east that will free her to tack on to starboard and head for the finish line off Ushant.

* LATEST ROUTING SHOWS B&Q CROSSING THE LINE OVERNIGHT ON MONDAY but one thing is sure, this ‘final’ storm is a very high risk time for Ellen and the trimaran, in their tired states after 26,600 miles of ocean racing…different to the Southern Ocean storms, this one Ellen has no choice but to punch in to. The effective apparent wind is likely to touch 60 knots (69mph, 111km/h) in the gusts (45 knots of wind, 15 knots of boat speed, the effective or ‘apparent’ wind as it is known, being the sum of the two like running on land in to the wind).

Saturday, 5 February 2005 at 08:53

Ellen at the nav station
Image © OC/Ellen MacArthur

Hi team,
I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes, not really knowing what to do with myself. I cannot articulate how I feel, I doubt I shall ever be able to express what this trip has put me through, or continues to put me through…There have been some incredible moments, but there have also been those moments which are far too painful to bring back…The hardest part is that I know there is little resilience left.. I am running so close to empty…

I am running so close to empty that I believe it is only the energy from others that is keeping me going. Physically I am exhausted – not just from the effort of sailng Mobi [B&Q] so hard, but from the constant motion which makes even standing still impossible. On a scale of 1-10 this has been a 9 point something, and I’d stick the Vendee Globe on a 5 max.

To put it briefly this trip has taken pretty much ALL I have, every last drop and ounce. It has taken everything to get this far – and we are still not there yet. I have never attempted something as hard as this before- I want to tell you now that this will take a long time to recover from…mentally more than anything else. Though you know that I will be brave and give my return to ‘normal’ life all I can… please note that there are NO reserves, and that I am pretty fragile right now.

I just want you to know how I am inside…I’m a pretty tough person, but this has taken everything. I chose to do this and I really don’t need any sympathy from anyone, quite the reverse, but I do need to know you understand how totally exhausted I really am.

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